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Ceramic Factory

Creative Multi-Custom Tableware Design

New 2019 Dinnerware Design! Free Samples, upon requiry, 10 New Tabletop, and more...

23 Included Design

Includes ALL dinnerware set below, easily import with 1 click ceramic factory!
Enjoy the tabletop setting with popular tableware core features which make your dinner the unforgettable experieces for any brands creation.

Visual Design

Get the top selling tableware design with small MOQ and tons of amazing stock goods options, features and cutsom!
Included free samples

Save $70

per piece

Small MOQ

We are very flexible and professional ceramic factory in China. you'll get best support and efficient recommendations.

Sales Management

Request for Quotation
You only have to put your request once and we will contact relevant and approved designers that can meet your needs..

Company Manager: Mulyati

HUACI Group is a great way to help me find the right product in the shortest time. the service has definitely helped to quickly expand our business.

Procurement Manager: Mr. Ryan

I've been a member of HUACI Group for 10 years. Since then, I've had a lot of great experiences with HUACI Group!

Product Designer: Mr. Arkos

I was amazed by how quickly my ideas turned into reality with HUACI Group. I highly recommend HUACI service to anyone who's looking for customized tabletop products!

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fast responsed from our sales team witin 24 hours
We are one of the top OEM Ceramics factory, it's never been easier to select the right supplier now!

More Than 2 Million OEM buyers
are using our dinnerware




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